Benjamin SmithUK Author - Graven Vengeance Series

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About Benjamin

 A Quick Biography of Benjamin Smith

I am Benjamin Smith. I write books about a video game world Graven Vengeance. They include stories about gamers like you who are teleported into a world with Dragons, an Evil Dark Lord and then they become Warriors with amazing special powers.

There will be many short stories in the Graven Vengeance series for you to enjoy in the future. So it would be great to hear about the character you would become if you were teleported into the Gaming World.

I enjoy Photography in my spare time and visits to London city centre taking walks along the river Thames on a sunny day. I have worked in customer service for many, many years but enjoy the interactions with lots of different people.

I may have grown older but still enjoy things like, chart music, video games, Sci-Fi movies, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter of course. Also I often post you tube videos that I like on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I live in Romford which is not far from London UK in a flat away from the city centre.

If you would like to know anything else just ask I love to hear from and interact with my Readers

Join me on Facebook or Twitter for updates or a chat.

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